The most legendary memecoin in existence!
The dogs & frogs had their days,
now it's time for Peter to take reign.




Brace yourself for a wild ride of laughter as $PETER Coin storms the crypto meme space.

Inspired by the legendary Peter Character, This Coin is not just a Currency; it's a cultural phenomenon.

Join the revolution, Ride the waves, And let memes fuel your crypto journey !


Make Peter Great Again

Total Supply


Say NO to taxes, YES to Locked LP tokens forever (+100 Years) & Contract ownership is renounced for a truly decentralized experience,
GOODBYE to centralized control!


peter coin
• Phase 1: Presale 400 SOL
• Phase 2: Vibe and HODL
• Phase 3: $Peter Coin Takeover

No bullshit, it’s that simple.
peter coin

How to buy (after launch)

buy peter

Create a Wallet

For desktop users, download the Phantom Wallet extension or a wallet of your choice.
For mobile users, download the Phantom wallet or a wallet of your choice from the App Store or Google Play Store for free.
After that, create your wallet address.
buy peter

Get Some SOL

Make sure to have SOL in your wallet to swap to $PETER.
You can buy directly on Phantom Wallet, transfer from another wallet, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet
buy peter

Go to Decentralized Exchange ( DEX )

Go to your favorite decentralized exchange (DEX) in your web browser or within your Wallet app's browser
Connect your wallet, paste the $PETER token address into the swap section.

buy peter

Swap SOL for $PETER

You can select to swap $PETER with $SOL or any other coin. After selecting the two swap coins, confirm and enjoy the ride.
We don't have any tax fees or any hidden fees